The Transactual Interpretation: An Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics

This interpretation uses two wave function which together creates the wave function we see. There is one wave function traveling forward(retarded wave) in time and one other which is traveling backward(advanced wave) in time.

For example, the EPR experiment could be explained so that when you measure one of the particles spin a wave will travel backward in time and give the other wave the opposite spin. This would give the impression of faster then light travel, but in reality the wave would travel at light speed. And also in the delayed choice experiment a wave traveling backward in time should “tell” the forward traveling if the photon detector will be on or off. The interpretation is still non-local though. It may seem like a backward traveling wave can mess up the past changing it in certain ways this wont happen since the advanced waves cancels out when the retarded wave gets measured and destroying all traces of their backward traveling business . So we wont find waves traveling to us from the future.